Thursday, November 25, 2010

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You might have heard about sexy girl, hot girl, item girl but have you heard of a no-panty girl? Well, here is one hot bombshell who has got that title. She is none other than Yana Gupta who was seen in films like ‘Manmadha’ ‘Gharshana’ and few other Bollywood flicks.

Recently, this hot babe arrived at a charity event sporting wearing nothing underneath and got caught by the camera lens. However, Yana takes it on her stride and quips that she might be called the ‘no panty’ girl. She recalled how that day she had forgotten to wear her undies and admitted it was getting difficult for her to hide her holy spot from the cameramen.


Apparently, Yana also revealed that she was doing rehearsals for a dance television show and her outfit and dance moves made it difficult for her to wear panties. In order to resolve that issue, she decided not to wear them at all. However, what has happened has happened and the pretty girl has taken it on a lighter vein. But the plight of men and their veins after seeing that has become quite ‘tight’.

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