Download Rupee Symbol for Keyboard

As you all know that Indian Government had finalized the new symbol which will represent Indian Currency,but Government has told that it will take approx 6 months to come this symbol on keyboard.

But a private company Foradian technologies has created a font file for windows user so that you can use this new symbol on your current keyboard.Here the steps:-

Download Font file from HERE,
Now just copy it to %windir%\Fonts,
Now Open Ms Word or any other text editor and change your font to and then chose Rupee Foradian and press` (Button just at the left of 1 and below Esc button)See image below:-

Microsoft Excel
go to setting ----- > control panel ------> regional & lang option ------>

customize ------> then click currency tab
Put currency symbol as " ` " click ok
Open excel
go to format cell (Ctrl + 1 command)
click to Number tab ------- > select currency as " ` " & ok it
select fonts as Rupee_Foradian.ttf