Thursday, July 8, 2010

FIFA World Cup Final Teams

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This is it, this is what 32 teams came to South Africa for, the FIFA World Cup 2010 finals and glory. Only 2 teams will be able to get their hands on the World Cup and both Spain and Holland have never been able to do it in the past. Spain and Netherlands will fight it out at the Soccer City Stadium on Sunday July 11, 2010 but only one will be crowned the champions of the World.

Neither Spain, nor Netherlands have ever won a World Cup, so it will be history for either of them if they win the match. Spain defeated Germany in their semifinal match and Netherlands defeated Paraguay to make it to the finals. Out of both these teams Netherlands have not lost a single match in this World Cup, in fact they have won all their matches. Spain on the other hand have played really good football to come to the final.

This will be one game the whole world will be watching and it is definitely going to have the adrenaline rush for not just the players, but for the fans too who will be cheering and rooting for their favorite teams.



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