Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Ladies Ready For Spiritual Sex With Nityananda

If a woman’s heart is as deep as the ocean, her mind is as mysterious as the black hole. The reason this theory has come out is due to some of the things they do. For instance, the Nityananda episode stands as a true example to show how women are ready to ‘associate’ with him knowing his recent escapade.

Sometime back, the famous magazine India Today conducted a survey on Indian women fantasy. It turned out that among the list of those that they fantasize having sex, even there are spiritual gurus. This goes to show that the survey does have an element of truth in it.

Nityananda is back to his base and interestingly, the women following has also been increasing after his comeback. The women followers increased for him and in the latest discourse women were seen mesmerized looking at sex-swami. Nityananda publicly said that his scandal video got very popular world wide and it is just next to the popularity of Michael Jackson’s death. He said, everything has happened for good and now he is known worldwide. Well, the time has come for them to get into a ‘trance’ with their lusty guru but let us hope that their experiences are only ‘spiritual’ and not ‘sexual’. The ladies know better….

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