Friday, October 29, 2010

Bava Movie Review, Bava Movie Full Review, Bava Movie Rating, Bava Movie Full story Line

It's a flustering experience watching film after film that has repetitive story lines, predictable scenes, run of the mill dialogues, clichéd..if all the synonyms in this description sound irritating, heard before, something that hurts your intelligence then this what exactly the director of Bava does to its spectators. A completely spectacle driven movie - beautiful, green picturesque surroundings, pleasant visuals and a good assembly of actors, et al, it does nothing to offer entertainment.

This drama is strictly not for those who value their time and money, it is also not for the cousins, or the eligible bavas and maradallu who are on the verge of getting married, simply because the director beats everyone exploring his potential to do what any Telugu cinema couldn't..a weak and a terribly lame imitation of formula films. Even the hero of the film Siddarth during the climax when he goes to his uncle's house agonized by his father's death shamelessly copies Kamal Hassan in every gesture.

Coming to the good things, even in a cheaply imitative potboiler, the director has been unbelievably clever in reworking the material with the right cast, he has chosen Rajendra Prasad for the role of Siddharth's father without whom, the movie would have collapsed like a pack of cards. Despite nothing novel in Rajendra Prasad's role, he brings the power, the dignity, the screen presence and the cushioning to Siddharth to play around with his emotions. Also there is Ahuti Prasad who is charming and artful actor enhances the potboiler. Samrat who looked like a mice in Panchakshari towers as a villain and shines throughout the drama though there was hardly any scope for him to perform. This film is a perfect example of how an actor (read Samrat) with passion can utilize a miniscule role to his advantage.

The first part of the film makes for an okay watch, makes you feel it's not bad at all. Watching Siddharth is fun and engaging, he slips into various expressions with ease but he could have retained his originality and moved ahead those crucial five minutes, from which the rest of the film deviated into familiar territories. The heroine (Pranitha) is pretty, does well and shared a good chemistry with the hero. Concentration on romance was less. The last fifteen to twenty minutes is heavily insane, a comedy that was enough, could have done without Brahmanandam.

Like the limited quantum of a village, the writer too couldn't think big, and the result is a mish mash of various films. Even women folk in villages are asserting themselves, they speak their mind and want to marry men who are more talented than riding a bicycle. They don't chew nails when the man is on the last lap of winning. Ultimately if someone or something have scored a point, it's Arya 2 which gets a full publicity of their infamous Ringa Ringa song and the cycle of a political party which becomes the object of attention.

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