Saturday, November 20, 2010

'New Infection' For College Girls With RGV

The most susceptible age group of any human being is during the teens and study years. Therefore, they are at a stage where they are vulnerable to the external environment. Usually, it is the personalities and famous persons who tend to have a lot of impact on the students.

It is either these inspiring personalities or the influential personalities who have a profound effect on the youth. However, another category is brewing up and this is the infectious category. One man is responsible for that. He is none other than Ram Gopal Varma.

Apparently, it is very rare that one comes across a man like RGV. Now, the youth are reportedly getting very affected. The reason for that is Ramu’s style of straightforward talk, his answers that have arrogance yet conviction. It seems that even girls also are getting tempted by RGV and with the media creating a hype at every move of his, things are coming with double impact.

Sources say that even girls are behaving like RGV at their homes.

A father of a 17 year old daughter said, “I wonder what’s happening. My daughter takes Ram Gopal Varma as role model. He gives arrogant answers on TV channel interviews. My daughter also started talking so with us. When I asked her to go to college regularly without bunking she said, “maa principal dayyam ayyi vachchi rammanna nenu college ki vellanu”. Well, I later discovered that this is what RGV said as an answer to threats from Obul Reddy’s people…’Obul Reddy dayyam ayyi vachchinaa kooda aa scenes cut cheyyanu..”. This is the plight at home. I got disgusted listening to her imitation of that so-called creative director”.

It is not just girls but even the boys are behaving so.

A mother said, “My 20 year old son is saying that he wants to quit marriage and live a free life like RGV. The director is spoiling the youth saying some nonsense that easily gets injected into their minds”.

Many years ago, when he came with Shiva, the impact lasted very long and the teenaagers who watched the film then are running in their 30 years of age now. Now, with his next set of movies, Ramu has captured the hearts of today’s college generation and maintained his impact that can last for the next 30 years.

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