Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Sharuk Khan Childhood and Rare Photos, Sharuk Khan Birthday Today, Wish Sharuk Khan

Legends have it that the second day of the November month is an extremely and extraordinarily auspicious day. No wonder then, the fact remains that those who have taken birth on this day, either become extremely successful in reaching out for the stars or become a star themselves. History has it that, they either become topnotch journalist, magician, an army officer, a sparkling NRI, advertising executive or police officer.

Well, there's someone who smiled at the world on this very day and went onto 'adorn' all of the above mentioned professions, all in this very life. The world may know him by various names like 'King Of Romance', 'Romantic Hero', 'Legend Of Romance', 'Magician of Pyaar, Ishq Mohabbat', but, all of us better know him as the one and only Shahrukh Khan, the very man who celebrates his royal birthday today

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