Saturday, April 30, 2011

Trisha Vodka Habit in Hyderabad

Top league actors and habits go hand in hand. However, things get interesting when it has to do with a top league heroine. Well, talk in film nagar is that even Trisha is no exception to it. Apparently, this petite beauty has got a habit which is catching the attention of many and here are few details.

A noted actor who is also a good friend of Trisha revealed to his friends “Trisha has got this habit. She must have two pegs of Vodka compulsory everyday. Usually when she is in Chennai, she has it on and off due to family and relatives in the city but when in Hyderabad, she wants it compulsory and no compromise. Her usual favorite is Smirnoff but she also prefers few Russian brands.”

On further enquiry, it was revealed by a unit member that while the shooting of ‘Teen Maar’ was on, Trisha used to have two pegs daily and that’s why she used to have a puffed up face in few scenes. Whether this is true or not, one thing is clear that Trisha has upped her glamour quotient and sex appeal so her admirers are having few pegs of Vodka for that out of joy.

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