Saturday, June 9, 2012

Teenage Girl 'Reena' killed by her Father in Sonipat

A teenage girl on the outskirts of New Delhi in Sonipat district of Haryana has been killed by her own father. She fell in love with a boy and she want's to marry him, but her father Brajesh Singh did not. When she did not bow down to family pressure, her father used her dupatta to strangle her and then surrendered to police.

The girl's father Brajesh Singh working as a security guard in a factory, he told the police that he refused to marrying the boy and stopped her going to school. But when nothing worked, he said, he killed her.

Her mother says the boy her minor daughter wanted to marry was "like an uncle to her", which is why they were against it. "She didn't listen to us. It was wrong. The boy is from the village so he is like an uncle to her," she said.

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