Friday, June 25, 2010

Bipasa Says No to Desi Vayagra

Bips says John and she will only endorse health and fitness brands as a couple, turn down offer worth crores to lend names to herbal aphrodisiac

As a power couple, John Abraham and Bipasha Basu draw the line at health and fitness products and services endorsements.

Proof of that recently came when they turned down an offer to promote an Indian herbal aphrodisiac despite being offered crores.

A source confirms, "They were approached to endorse the product but refused. Though the concoction consists high quality extracts from some of the world's most exotic herbs, it's a potent and effective natural sex enhancer."

No viagra, please!
The buzz is that the aphrodisiac contains viagra. The source adds, "John's manager was approached for a couple endorsement but she said that they don't back products that have viagra and said no.

The jodi is committed to health and fitness and Bipasha has promised to endorse only health products."

When contacted Bipasha says, "I strongly believe in credible products and these are in sync with my passion for fitness and health.

I am very happy to be associated with products that encourage people to switch to a healthier lifestyle. But I have never been approached for the other thing (the herbal aphrodisiac)."

However she stresses she would endorse products not connected to health and fitness but are "In sync with my personality. It could be cosmetics, automobiles, luxury products, fashion goods, home appliances etc."

Bips endorses a brand of honey only because the brand is committed to health and fitness. Says the actress, "I strongly believe in credible products and this one is in sync with my passion for health.

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