Monday, May 23, 2011

Rajinikanth and His daughter in Hospital Photos

Anxious fans of the Thalaivar can now get some peace of mind. The superstar's son-in-law and actor Dhanush has posted this Twitpic to reassure fans that Rajinikanth is recuperating. Dhanush tweets that he has put up the pic so fans know that the superstar is ok.
Here's Dhanush's tweets for the superstar's fans:
“SS in d hospital. he s rocking.dis pic s 4 his fans.pls cont ur routine life.don believe rumors.”
“Bcos so dat fans will kno dat he is ok and they will be at peace. SUPERSTAR rocks. Thank you all . God bless.”
Now click for more wishes for the superstar's speedy recovery.

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