Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Mallika Sherawat Panty visible at Cannes 2011, Mallika Sherawat Cannes

 Actor Mallika Sherawat, 34, arrived for the screening of Pirates Of The Caribbean: On Stranger Tides on Saturday evening at the French Riviera in a black see-through gown, her panties clearly visible.

“Looks like she’s going for a toned down version of a Lady Gaga look ... that’s a horrible dress!” “The Cannes red carpet is famous for starlets showing up in outrageous outfits and she got what she wanted — attention,” wrote Anon1. On being asked earlier about what she would wear, Mallika, who had worn a snake around her neck to promote her film Hisss last year, had said, “Wait and watch!”

Sherawat wasn’t the only one who had everyone’s eyes popping out at the event. South African model Candice Boucher, 27, gave tough competition to her — she wore a see-through black Gavin Rajah dress. The playboy cover girl is a part of upcoming Bollywood film Azaan, and attended the screening of Hearat Shulayim with her co-actor in the film, Sachin Joshi, and the movie’s director, Prashant Chadha. 

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