Saturday, May 21, 2011

Young Actress Addicting To Smoke And Drink?

It is always nice to become successful and famous in a young age but then this form of achievement also brings along a baggage, that of vices. So, it would take someone with self control and maturity to take the success alone and leave the rest. However, that doesn’t seem to work out in many cases.

Right now, that seems to be the case with one of the young actress in the Telugu circuit. She is none other than Nithya Menon. Apparently, sources say that Nithya has got addicted to smoking and drinking. Recently, it is heard that Nithya was spotted puffing away in a dark corner during a public event.

Whether it is success or the pressure to perform, those who heard this are in for a surprise. A noted hero who is reportedly her close friend revealed “This is one bad habit Nithya has developed over the past few months. The way she is smoking and drinking, it looks like this will soon turn into an addiction.” Let us hope this is not true and if it is, then it is better Nithya mends her ways.

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