Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Casey Anthony Bella Vita Tattoo Photos Ignite Prosecution Case

Photos of Casey Anthony’s Bella Vita tattoos dominate the prosecution’s testimony today after skull photos were by the defense. Casey Anthony’s Bella Vita (“Beautiful Life”) tattoo was gotten on July 2. Prosecutors tried to argue that Casey Anthony’s demeanor in getting the tattoo showed no remorse for her daughter’s death; defense is expected to argue that Casey got the tattoo to celebrate her daughter’s life.
Casey Anthony’s bella vita tattoo dominated two witnesses’ testimony Tuesday. The prosecution called back to the stand the investigator who took the pictures of Casey’s Bella Vita tattoo. Then they brought the person who drew the tattoo on Casey.

During the testimony, jurors learned that Casey Anthony’s demeanor was celebratory, not remorseful. She reportedly bought pizza for everyone in the tattoo parlor shop and tipped the man an extra $35.
Two years ago, the tattoo artist spoke to news about the ink and the controversial mother who gave the tattoo. Bobby Williams said that, while Casey was getting the tattoo, she was on the phone with her boyfriend Tony Lazarro.
The tattoo was given on July 2. Caylee Anthony had been missing since June 16. In truth, her body was just a quarter mile from Casey’s home being eaten by animals. Casey made no mention of Caylee’s disappearance. Nor did she explain why she got the tattoo.
Why did she get the tattoo?
He told FOX News two year ago “It’s definitely, definitely strange now that you put two and two together and the child’s missing and she comes in and gets something like that.” He added “And acts totally normal? Yeah, like nothing happened. It’s like is it because she’s living a beautiful life or beautiful life because her daughter is missing.”
In April, the defense tried to get the tattoo photos excluded. But in April, Orange-Osceola Chief Judge Belvin ruled that Anthony’s tattoo, and pictures of the heart-shaped stickers would be allowed into testimony.
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