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Shaitan movie Review : khoya khoya chand from the movie shaitan

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Story: It’s the story of five youngsters in the city of Mumbai who love to stay at the edge and derive every excitement in their lives with no worries about tomorrow. Amy, KC, Dash, Tanya and Zubin had a fun-filled life till a ‘moment ‘where they kill an innocent in an accident. The accident changes everything, which eventually brings out the inner ‘shaitan’ in all of them.
Review: This movie should not be given a miss as after a long time you will get to watch an entertaining thriller which is intense, quirky, wild, violent and interesting at the same time. The movie does not sermonizes neither sympathizes with the drug victims but gives a glimpse into the erratic and inner psyche of such youngsters who live for the ‘moment’. It subtly brings out the inner shaitan which lurks within all of us and it takes that ine particular moment to come out. Watch it for a thrilling cinematic experience!
Story Treatment: The story has the exact amount of emotion and nothing is in excess. The narration and story treatment is perfect without any dull moments. The first half starts off a bit slowly, but the rest of the movie brings out the darker side and makes it an interesting watch.
Star Cast: Rajeev Khandelwal ( Mathur) as cop gives a tough and convincing performance who grapples with his inner demon while solving the kidnapping case of the youngsters. Kalki’s subtle and psychic performance deserves special mention. Debut actors Shiv Pandit and Kirti both are fresh and will shock the audience with their smart convincing act. Rajat Barmecha’s cameo is noteworthy.
Direction: Kudos to debut Director Bijoy Nambiar’s efforts to execute a thriller which is not just dark but brings forth the circumstance when our inner demons come forth, and we react violently and lose all rationality. Director has not only shown content but wielded it with superb cinematography and technicalities. Being a debut director he proves himself better than established filmmakers in producing a thriller.
Dialogues/Cinematography/Music- The cinematography is spectacular with a mix of dark and fast shots which explores the inner psyche of the youngsters. The car chase scene gives you goose-bumps and is interestingly shot. Dialogues are quite hard hitting, forceful and youth –centric. Music is quite peppy, especially the remixed version of ‘Khoya Khoya chand’, which has a quirky and eerie feeling to its tunes.
Ups and Downs: It’s for the youth who love realism, edginess and edgy thrillers which is new to Indian audience. The high speed and fast shots makes it an exhilarating cinematic experience which surely cannot be given a miss!

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