Sunday, June 12, 2011

Trishala Dutt does an item number, Trishala Dutt Photos

The new Trishala Dutt is growing to be a gorgeous woman these days. Minus those heavy weights, she looks fabulous in her slim and svelte avatar! And why not?

The Dutt girl is all set to enter Bollywood and is pretty serious about it. With or without the blessings of Daddy dear, we do not know. Sanju baba, in the past, has been very vocal about his disapproval of her Bollywood interests, but Trishala knows where her heart is. Therefore she has been silently pursuing stuff that can make her realize her dreams.

Trishala has been working out vigorously, taking acting lessons from a famous acting institute and also learning different dance forms. She also started acting in plays, organized by theatre groups in New York, where she is based.    

And guess what? She recently gave a glimpse of her dancing skills, at a wedding there. Much to the delight of everyone Trishala put up the popular ` Munni badnam hui ' number and onlookers went `wow' at her natural talent. She says, she cannot beat the sizzling Malaika on her moves, but she'll surely give in her best. She had tweeted about it. "I'm dancing on Munni Badnam for a sangeet . Super excited! I know I cannot top Malaika, she was awesome".

But we think with Trishala's new hot avatar stands a great chance not just in Bollywood but also in carrying forward the acting lineage in the family. Sanju, are you listening?

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