Sunday, June 12, 2011

Morari Bapu narrates how Baba Ramdev was convinced

Following is the statement of Gujarat based Ram kathakar Shri Morari Bapu while talking to media persons after he came out of the hospital where Baba Ramdev halted his fast on Morari Bapu’s request.

I have a spiritual faith oriented relation with Babaji. His health was deteriorating for last some days. I used to talk with Babaji during this time. Today I had arrived here to see him. I had arrived here to ask him about his health on the basis of our relation of faith.

I told him that whatever message he had to delivered to the nation has been delivered. I told him that your message has been delivered not only to ‘ghar ghar’ but to ‘ghat ghat’(not only to every home but to every place). I told him that for ‘Sarvajana Sukhay, Sarvajay Hitay’ (good of all), for good of the nation, his life is very neccessary.”

“We prayed him to abundant his fast and he accepted our pray and all saints, Sri Sri Ravishankar and other ‘Mahapurush’ asked him to halt his ‘anshan vrat’ and wished for his health and he accepted this ahd was ready to take juice.”

When journalists asked Morari Bapu who offered a glass of juice to Baba Ramdev, he replied, “we all together offered him that.”

Morari Bapu’s mission successful, Baba Ramdev ends his fast

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