Monday, June 6, 2011

Baba Ramdev in Ladies dress Photos, Baba Ramdev on being caught dressed as a woman

Baba Ramdev, who was caught in a dramatic fashion while trying to flee in a woman's attire from Delhi's Ramlila Maidan today, justified his act.

"It was not a sign of weakness to be in a woman's dress. A mother gives birth to a man," Ramdev said when asked at a press conference here about his act of shedding the saffron attire and posing as an injured woman in trying to escape from the protest site following the police crackdown.

The 46-year-old yoga guru almost gave the police a slip by jumping from the dais in Ramlila Maidan and vanishing into thousands of his supporters on Saturday night.

About two hours later, he was caught outside the protest site while posing as an injured woman wearing a white-coloured salwar suit with his head covered with a dupatta. At the time of arrest, he was pretending to be moving with the support of two women around whom he put his arms.

Ramdev lashed out at Delhi Police, alleging its personnel attacked innocent women and children. "Lobbing teargas shells in a closed shamiana were the most violent act of the police," he said and alleged "police did not allow any injured person to stay in hospitals."

To a question, he said "I have respect for Prime Minister Manmohan Singh on a personal level but he did not discharge his national duty."

He referred to the Supreme Court taking suo motu notice of the crackdown and thanked it.

Human rights organisations and the National Commission for Women should also take note of the "atrocities" committed against innocent people including women and children at Ramlila ground, Ramdev said.

Baba Ramdev has become even larger hero than he was. Even those who ignored him now want to know more about him. Great Hero making Gimmick!

Everything would have been peaceful (no tear gas, no lathi charge) had Baba gone off with the cops in the first instance.By his own admission to TV, Baba says that he excused himself to change clothes and then ran away. Later he was found on stage and then he jumped into the crowd of followers and also changed into women clothes to hide himself.

Kapil Sibal advices Ramdev to go back to Yoga. In the same vein, he should go back to being a lawyer or perhaps not.

Ramdev has changed the Meaning of the word SATYAGRAH. He is using this word for Commercial Publicity and not for the Welfare of the Country. Baba Ramdev should prove himself by actively participate in the government and bring down the corruption. Who is he to dictate the elected Government by the same public who is behind him?

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