Wednesday, June 8, 2011

KPN Travels Bus Accident: At Least 22 Killed in Tamil Nadu Bus Accident

According to Latest News, KPN Travels Bus met with an Accident, in which at least 22 Killed near vellore district in Tamil Nadu. KPN Travels, which is a private bus headed from Chennai to Tirupur went off the road and crashed near Ocheri by taking away the life’s of 22.
KPN Travels Bus Accident happened at 10.45 pm on June 7, 2011 near Avalur as according to sources the bus that is reportedly run by KPN Travels attempted to overtake a lorry at a high speed, and the lorry allegedly departed to the right causing the bus to far off the road.
The KPN Travels bus then crashed into a canal there and toppled before landing on its roof. Witnesses say that when they arrived the bus was engulfed in a ball of flame after a series of small explosions as Karthikai Rajam, the lone passenger and driver were luckly escaped from the bus. Bus driver Nagarajan, who survived the accident, surrendered at the Vellore North police station. Badly injured, he was taken to Vellore Pentland Hospital by the police.
The bodies are charred beyond recognition and it will take a long time for the identification to be carried out, a source from the bus agency said.The bodies of the dead have been taken to a hospital in Wallajan for post mortem.
Chief Minister J. Jayalalithaa Wednesday (June 8, 2011) declared a compensation of Rs.100,000 to the families of the dead and Rs.50,000 to the injured in the accident.Jayalalithaa said in the assembly that she had told Transport Minister V. Senthil Balaji, Health Minister V.S. Vijay and the minister for backward classes and environment to reach the accident spot.

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