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Ramdev is suffering from dehydration

Yoga Guru shifted to Himalayan Institute of Medical Sciences in Dehradun on Uttarakhand Chief Minister Ramesh Pokhriyal's direction; Ramdev is suffering from dehydration and low pulse rate; condition stable now

The seven day fast seems to have hit Baba Ramdev hard. The yoga guru on Friday had to be admitted to the intensive care unit of Himalayan Institute of Medical Sciences in Dehradun. Doctors, however, said that his condition was stable after being given glucose. After seven days of fast, Baba Ramdev had lost weight and was suffering from dehydration and low pulse rate. 

According to sources Uttarakhand chief minister Ramesh Pokhriyal gave directions to Haridwar district magistrate to shift Ramdev to a hospital. Dr S L Jethani, medical superintendent of Himalayan Hospital had earlier refused to go into details about the condition of the 46-year-old yoga guru, saying that a statement on his health would be given only after thorough examination. 

amdev was shifted to the Dehradun hospital, 25 km from Patanjali Yog Peeth in Haridwar where he had been fasting to protest corruption and black money issues. Uttarakhand Health Director General Dr Asha Mathur said Ramdev was hospitalised because of deteriorating health. She added that medical bulletins would be issued regularly. Citing his health parameters, Mathur said: "Ramdev's blood pressure is 104/70 while the pulse rate is 56, which normally should have been between 70-75. An infection has also been found in his urine."

"Ramdev's condition is stable. His liver functions are slightly derailed but his kidney is functioning normally. He is conscious and is being kept in a separate room and is being constantly monitored," Jethani later said. "His BP is 110/78 and pulse rate is 60. Ramdev is talking and there is no problem. His health is improving," he added. There was commotion at Patanjali Yog Peeth as some of Ramdev's supporters protested the Haridwar district administration's move to shift him to a hospital.

However, it was resolved immediately with the intervention of ashram authorities. Sri Sri Ravishankar, founder of The Art of Living, said his condition is "very critical since morning and now there is improvement in his health (post hospitalisation). I talked to him and requested him to stop the agitation." Ravi Shankar has also reportedly offered to mediate between the government and Baba Ramdev to find out a solution to the impasse.
Swami Agnivesh had also met Mukherjee to discuss methods to take negotiations with Baba Ramdev forward and appealed to the government to engage with the yoga guru over his demands.

Doctors who examined Ramdev in the morning had said he needed immediate hospitalisation, as his health parameters were 'worrying'. "His blood pressure and pulse rate are low. If his pulse rate and BP continue to go down, it may put some pressure on his heart. We found that his health is going down. It is worrisome," chief medical officer Yogesh Chandra Sharma said after examining the yoga guru. Baba Ramdev's close aide Swami Sampoornand had claimed in Haridwar that the yoga guru had gone into an 'unconscious state'.

The doctors attending on the yoga guru had earlier recommended for his hospitalisation on 'priority basis' as they had found him suffering from dehydration and had advised him to break his fast, which was rejected.

'Spiritual' time for Ramdev
Spiritual leader Sri Sri Ravi Shankar on Friday met yoga guru Baba Ramdev in Dehradun and requested him to end his fast because of his deteriorating health. "Yes, Baba Ramdev spoke to me. His condition is better after glucose was administered to him. Baba had to be rushed to the hospital earlier because his condition was deteriorating," he said. "He was very emotional and had tears in his eyes. He requested me to tell all those people fasting along with him at the ashram to consume lemonade and honey. He was very concerned about them as there are many children who are also fasting." Ravi Shankar added. "No, the Baba has not yet been force fed," clarified Ravi Shankar when questioned whether Baba Ramdev had ended his fast. He also termed the developments about the entire episode "very unfortunate". On being asked about advancing the timing of his visit, the spiritual guru said a big deal should not be made out of it. "I heard he has been hospitalised so I came to Dehradun directly rather than meeting him at the ashram at the scheduled time of 7 pm," he said. 

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