Friday, June 3, 2011

Akshay Kumar to dub for Michael Bay's Transformers 3

After Shah Rukh Khan, who dubbed for the Hindi version of The Incredibles, Akshay Kumar has been roped in by the iconic filmmaker Michael Bayto dub for his big budget sci-fi spectacle Transformers.3 Akki will dub in Hindi for the voice of Optimus Prime, a significant character in the film. 

Akshay confirms, "Yes, I was contacted by Michael Bay and he asked me for my dates and if I wanted to dub for Transformers. I was super excited. I have seen the previous films and even my son (Aarav) loves the movies. I decided to do it forAarav. Optimus Prime is a character with a lot of courage, determination and above all he is the leader of the good guys who fights to save the world. My son loves him and he really wanted me to do it too. I guess every child sees their super-hero in their dad.

BT has learnt that Akki was the first and the last choice to dub for the movie because Michael was aware of his action persona. He apparently asked his team to convince the star at any cost. Akki says, "I would think that because people know me as an action star, they contacted me. It is an honour to be associated with a Michael Bay movie. He is a legend and a visionary. And yes, it shows how my image in the West is too.

Source:Times of India

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