Friday, June 3, 2011

Kate Winslet goes nude again

Titanic beauty Kate Winslet has stripped for the cameras once again as part of iconic photographer Mario Testino's new exhibition in Rome, Italy.

The actress, who honoured her close pal with a lifetime achievement award in New York last week, is no stranger to posing nude for movies and photoshoots and admits she couldn't say no to Testino when he approached her to feature in upcoming art show, Todo o Nada.

She says, "You know that his biggest strength without fail is making women look beautiful. When Mario turns to you and says, 'It's beautiful, but I think it would work better naked, no?' How can one refuse?

"No matter what insecurities about oneself a subject may have, Mario makes them go away like a magician."

Winslet bared it all in her blockbuster movie Titanic apart The Reader and a lipstick ad for a leading brand.

Todo o Nada opens in Rome in July.

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