Friday, June 3, 2011

Jenna Jameson Gets Sued

A suburban movie theater owner is suing Jenna Jameson for allegedly faking an illness to skip appearances and instead attend the birthday party of Perez Hilton in March.

Owners of Hollywood Palms Cinema say that Jameson canceled her appearances and refused to reschedule even though the chain allegedly spent thousands of dollars promoting her appearance on March 24 through the 26th.

Hundreds of tickets were sold, and upwards of "tens of thousands" were expected to be made, with Jameson getting a $10,000 cut minimum in addition to first class airfare and hotel.

Jameson allegedly said she had a "medical emergency", which owners found out was faked when pictures of her at Hilton's party came on the internet.

The suit says: "Simply put, Hollywood (Palms Cinema) believes that (Massoli) was never ill." Compensation is being sought for "a result of breach, including, but not limited to: advertising costs; expenses paid for travel and/or accommodations; employee hours spent preparing for the events; lost profits from both the events as well as from the inability to show regular films that would have been scheduled if not for (Massoli's) planned appearance; and damage to Hollywood (Palms Cinema's) reputation among its customers and members of the press who showed up for the canceled events."

A hearing will occur on August 15.

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