Thursday, June 2, 2011

Chinese Teenager Sells Kidney to Buy ipad2

A CHINESE teenager wanted the new iPad 2 so badly he sold one of his KIDNEYS to pay for it.

The 17-year-old — identified only by his surname Zheng — confessed to his mother that he flogged the organ for just £2,000.
He claimed to have seen an advert online offering the cash to whoever wanted to become an organ donor.
The technology obsessed lad, from the southern province of Guangdong, said: "I wanted to buy an iPad 2, but I didn't have the money.
"When I surfed the internet I found an advert posted online by agent saying they were able to pay RMB20,000 (£2,000) to buy a kidney."
Trading human organs online is very common in China despite repeated attempts by the government to stamp it out.
Last year Japanese TV reported that a group of tourists had travelled to the country and paid £50,000 for new kidneys.
The lad — who has suffered complications since the surgery — was unable to keep what he had done from his mum.
The boy's mother — Miss Liu — told cops: "When he came back, he had a laptop and a new Apple handset.
"I wanted to know how he had got so much money and he finally confessed that he had sold one of his kidneys."
The hospital, in the city of Chenzhou in Hunan Province, where the op took place admitted renting out a department to a private businessman but denied any knowledge of the surgery.
Cops said the mobiles of three agents Zheng had contacted had been switched off.
The incident has caused outrage in China where thousands of people have slammed the "immorality" of youths.


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