Saturday, June 4, 2011

Chennai Rhinos wins against Telugu Warriors First CCL Match, Chennai Rhinos Wons

The first match between Chennai Rhinos and Telugu Warriors was a pleasure to watch irrespective of the result, Chennai Rhinos won the match by 21 runs, Chennai did the first batting and managed to score 134 for the loss of 6 wickets and in reply Telugu Warriors fought hard by lost to the Chennai Rhinos, Akhil was the star in Telugu team by scoring 63 runs and Shantanu took 4 wickets to help Chennai win the match

Chennai Rhinos (Tamil) Vs Telugu Warriors (Telugu) : Chennai Rhinos won the match.
Chennai Rhinos were started batting and Telugu Warriors are the bowlers. The match was 14 overs and Chennai Rhinos got 133 runs for 14 overs. The target for the Telugu Warriors is to get 134 for 14 overs.

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  1. Both are played well. The first mistake was telugu warriors bowling. They gave 38 runs as extra. chennai feilding well. akhil was amaging. Any how all the best to telugu warriors for next day and chennai rhinos too.